Master Jiang, Bang Jun

Coach Jiang was a key member of the Beijing Wushu Team, where many world renowned martial arts champions were trained. Coach Jiang holds a Wushu World Champion title in Chang Quan (Long Fist-Boxing), which he won at the Sixth International Wushu Competition in 2001. In addition to that, he has reached the official 7th Degree Title of Wushu and holds the highest class ranking as an International Athlete. 

Raised in a family with Chinese Wushu tradition, Coach Jiang began practicing Wushu in 1978 at a very young age. He graduated from Shenyang Sports Institute in July 1994, where he was trained to be a professional martial arts coach, and coached for many years after the graduation. Because of his outstanding performance in many China national Wushu competitions, he was selected in 1994 to join the Beijing Wushu Team led by Head Coach Wu Bin, who trained the world famous Wushu champion and Hollywood movie star Jet Li. In May 2000, the International Wushu Federation selected Coach Jiang to be the official performer of the Second Form of Chang Quan (Long Fist-Boxing) and they produced a video based on his performance. Later, he was invited by the Hong-Kong Wushu Association to train their team before the team competed at the 1999 World Championships and the 2000 Asian Championships. In April 2002 he was invited by the Russian Wushu Association to coach the National Russian Wushu Team.


Head Coach Mario Martinez

Mario Martinez  is the head coach under coach Jiang Bang Jun.  Coach Mario started martial arts training at the age of 6, mastering in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chinese Kempo, Muy Thai, and Wushu-Kung fu. He also holds certifications in personal training, Olympic weightlifting, strength/conditioning, and is a nationally certified Wu Shu-Kung fu judge. In his Wu Shu career, Coach Mario has been training and leading the U.S.A. Wu Shu team since 2011. He represented the International Wu Shu federation as one of two selected world coaches at the 2014 Summer Junior Olympic Games.

2014.08.26 See Coach Mario interviewed by NBC at 2014 Summer Junior Olympic Games. (Starting @1:21)

  • USA National Team Coach

  • 26 Years Martial Arts Experience

  • Trained with China National team abroad (Beijing China)

  • 15 years competition experience with several championships in Forms, Weapons, and Fighting

  • Trained in multitude of Martial Arts (Wu Shu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chinese Kempo, Karate, Muy Thai)

  • Holds several certifications in: Personal training, Nutrition, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit


Master Zhang, Hao

Master Hao Zhang was born in the birth place of Tai Chi, Jiaozuo, China, and grew up with Tai Chi. He was on the GuangDong Wushu Team and was selected into the China National Wushu Team in 2012. He is certified with Wushu Grade 6 and has won numerous world championship titles throughout career, including the 2014 China All-Round National Wushu Championship in the Tai Chi division. Previously, he was the head coach of the Philippines National Wushu Team and helped the students win many world championship titles in Tai Chi. 


Assistant Coaches


Nicholas Lee

Nicholas Lee has been training at PMAA since 2007, during that time he has won several regional and national competitions. In the 2016 national Wushu team trials for the national team, placing 1st in all three categories, he placed first in the 13-16 years old age category team. Traveling to Turkey in 2016, he placed 5th in southern fist category (Nanquan). Competing in 2017, he also placed 5th on the adult team (competitors of all ages), and competed at the pan-american games winning 1st in all categories representing the United States national team. 


Arabella Chiang

Arabella Chiang started wushu training in 2012. In the past 6 years, she has competed in national and international competitions. She has been a US team member from 2016-present. Her expertise are in taijiquan and taiji ian. She has earned gold medals at Terp University Games, U.S. Capital Wushu Championships, and New Jersey International Wushu-Kung Fu Tournament. She has also won silver medals at the 2nd World Taijiquan Championships.


  • Taiji US Team: 2016-Present

  • 2nd World Taijiquan Championships: Silver Medal in 42 taijiquan demonstration and 42 taijijian demonstration

  • 2019


Nerice Millet-Williams

Nerice started her Wushu training at the age of 4, she has continued to train under coach Jiang Bang Jun for 13 years, and has now become a coach at PMAA. She has achieved a black belt in Wushu and is highly active in basketball, soccer, and track and field.  With 6 years of competition experience, she has won several gold medals at Terp Wushu University Games, U.S Capitol Wushu Championships, and USAWKF Wushu-Kungfu National Championships in Changquan, Broadsword, and Staff.

  • First PMAA student

  • 13 Years Martial Arts Experience

  • Assistant Coach at PMAA

  • Trained in Kickboxing, Wushu, and Vietnamese-Styled Mixed Martial Arts